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Remembering Marco

Founded in 2013, Remembering Marco is a charity initiative that was established to celebrate the life and legacy of Annalisa's husband Marco Omiccioli.

Partnering with various international organizations in Italy and across the U.S. each year, Remembering Marco collects donations to provide internship opportunities for future generations to get a “head start” in their careers.

Sending the Elevator Down

Since its conception, Remembering Marco has partnered with several leading companies and organizations, including Valentino USA, The Young Executives Committee of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York City, and Gilda’s Club. Partnering institutions include the Weill Cornell Medical College, the University of Bologna, Università Politecnica della Marche, and Ca’ Foscari University.
Annalisa and the Remembering Marco charity initiative have already helped 5 prepared, resolute, and ambitious young adults intern in New York City for a year, all under Marco and Annalisa's philosophy of "Paying It Forward". Maria Vittoria Botti, Andrea Casini, Martina Maceratesi, Antonio Papalini and Agnese Favaretto, the determined scholars selected by Remembering Marco to intern for one year in New York City, have all been directly impacted by the charity initiative's paradigm, which can be better explained by the famous words of Maya Angelou: "When you learn, teach. When you get, give."
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