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Annalisa Menin is an author and entrepreneur specializing in Branding and Communication.

Venetian by birth, naturalized American, Annalisa has been living in New York since 2006. A multifaceted businesswoman with a very diverse background, Annalisa launched the blog "My Last Year in New York," in 2016. She told her story in a book by the same name, and founded her creative agency, Octonano, together with her business partner Maurizio Marchiori.

In 2021 Annalisa published her second book "Il Traghettatore'", and is currently working on her third while living between NYC and Italy. 
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Analytically Creative

Dedicated to helping clients establish their brands and develop their businesses, Annalisa believes that words and images go hand in hand, particularly when it comes to building a brand from the ground up. She is committed to ensuring that everything she touches is of the highest quality - no exceptions - and her attention to detail and creative acumen help her guide clients in finding their own unique voice to ultimately tell their brand’s story to the fullest.
Through her company, Octonano, Annalisa helps companies and individuals alike to define their image and effectively communicate their visions and goals, all while keeping KPIs and long-term growth in mind.
She is the creative mind behind My Last Year In New York, an editorial project comprised of a blog, book, and charity initiative all rolled into one, and Il Traghettatore, a novel that was published in 2021. Annalisa has worked for Valentino USA, Inc., Corcoran Real Estate, and Real Time Risk Systems. She is a Board member of YEX – Young Members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in New York, NY.
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