Mentoring is a vital component of a successful company. It builds company culture and boosts employee confidence and expertise, ensuring long-term success and cultivating talented industry professionals.

My mission is to provide professional counseling and advice for individuals and businesses, whether they are brand new start-ups or well established companies.

Available Mentoring Programs:




Building a Brand

Building a brand is easier said than done. In today’s market, it is fundamental for companies to properly communicate their values and culture to consumers. The first step is done, you have created a company and now it is time to create a clear mission statement! 

The purpose of this program is to take a step back and evaluate your company’s core values to understand how to properly capitalize on its value, which includes encouraging you to find the company’s voice.  

We will create a consistent business development and communication plan. This will aim to define the company’s culture and inclinations, and include a strong strategic direction with a clear objective. Together, we will strengthen the foundations of your Brand’s Identity.

Duration: 5 weeks

Duration: 10 weeks

Personal Branding

At this historic time become known in a well-defined manner by communicating your own values and those of your brand in the best way, is essential. With this mentoring program our purpose consist in capitalizing your own value, encouraging you to find your voice, your own form of expression. 

Together we will create a consistent business development and communication plan in line with your skills and inclinations, which will maintain a strong and strategic direction, and with clear and achievable objectives. We will build the foundations of your Brand Identity, confident that we can help you to enhance the know-how acquired thanks to your work, and lead you to achieve new goals and new desires.

Duration: weeks

Duration: 10 weeks

Social Media Pro

Today, as never before, social media is a privileged and direct communication channel for every company aimed at past, current and future customers. It thus becomes indispensable to implement an effective and consistent communication strategy for the brand growth in the short and long term.

With this mentoring program our purpose consist on laying down the foundations of your Digital Communication Strategy and giving you all the tools you need to fully dominate the various available platforms on the market. We want to help you understand your current digital level and define the future one, providing you with all the knowledge, experience and advice to help your growth and to create an effective social media profile to build new business opportunities.

Duration: 5 weeks

Duration: 10 weeks