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An excel lover in search for structure and substance meets a creative mastermind with a big heart. This marriage generated a unique set of skills embodied in a young woman in a constant pursuit of personal and professional growth, balance and challenge. Born in a small town surrounded by green fields near Venice, Italy,  Annalisa has been living in New York since 2006 and has recently become an American citizen.

She daringly moves in and out the worlds of Branding, Business Development and Real Estate while working on her second book “Il Traghettatore”.  In the meantime, she writes on her blog “My Last Year in New York”, a story that has become a book by the same name. In the last couple of years she made the move and started working as a consultant for fashion, design and lifestyle brands around the world, where she helps with their branding, marketing and business development needs with her company The Yellow Tom LLC.

Previously Annalisa worked for Valentino USA, Inc., for Corcoran Real Estate and for Real Time Risk Systems LLC.

Since 2014 Annalisa has being doing her share of “paying it forward’, a concept very dear to her, thanks to the charity initiative “Remembering Marco”, which selects yearly a talented student from Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Italy for a 6-month internship at Italian fashion company Valentino USA, Inc.

In her free time you can find her in a museum or an art gallery, looking for vintage jewelry, asking questions to understand “things”, and mentoring young students in search for their mission. Annalisa is part of the Board of YEX – Young Executives of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York City.


When I was looking for a name for my company, I immediately thought about my mom whom didn’t have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur herself.

Had she had the opportunity, she would have been the best at it!

Instead, she became, together with dad, the Head of our Family, and led us all (three sisters and one brother) to become the man and women we are today.

 So mom, Tommasa, this is for you.  I had to have you in this, and make it fun too, exactly as you are!



The blog, the starting point for my editorial project My Last Year in New York.


The book, published in US in November 2017, and in Italy in February of 2018.


The charity initiative, a dear cause to me - Remembering Marco.